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Are there any preservatives used on Angas Park products?

Angas Park apricots, peaches, pears and apples are treated with sulphur dioxide (preservative 220) to protect the cut fruit from fermentable yeasts, moulds and bacterial contamination, as well as preserving the full colour of the natural fruit and prunes has Potassium Sorbate added (Preservative 202).  Mixed Dried Fruits will contain preservatives and colourants (as labeled) due to the incorporation of candied peel and cherries (glace and artificial).

What is the preservative 220 on tree fruit?

The preservative 220 is sulphur dioxide.  It is used on all tree fruit products such as pears, peaches and apricots to maintain the natural colour of the fruit.  It is applied by the grower in accordance with guidelines set by the governing Australian Food Standards.

Why do tree fruits go dark?

Over time treated dried fruits will naturally lose sulphur dioxide.  Without this preservative the fruit undergoes its natural darkening process.  If fermentation has not begun, the fruit is still safe for consumption.

Why do we include imported fruit in our Angas Park range?

Imported fruit on occasion may be blended with Australian fruit.  This is to maintain consistent supply of quality fruit and satisfaction of customer needs during periods of insufficient local product availability due to weather conditions.  There are also some products that have established a demand and are simply not available in Australia such as Turkish Apricots.


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