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Snack Packs

Our new snack pack range is the perfect addition for your lunchbox. Great for snacking on the go, they are a Source of Antioxidants, 99% Fat Free, Gluten Free, Nut and Preservative Free (no sulphites).

Angas Park Cranberries 180g

Angas Park Cranberries, Flame Raisins & Blueberries 210g

Muscatels Australian Seedless Muscatels are deliciously sweet with a natural muscat flavour. Use them in baking when you are looking for that elegant muscat flavour, or snack straight out of the bag. They are Australian Grown, Gluten Free and a Source of Antioxidants.
Enrobed Range

Our range of enrobed dried fruit comes in four delicious varieties. Made with real fruit, they are a Good Source of Antioxidants, Gluten Free, Preservative Free (no sulphites) and have No Added Colours or Flavours.

Angas Park Cranberries in Dark Chocolate 125g

Angas Park Cranberries in Greek Yoghurt 125g

Angas Park Sultanas in Greek Yoghurt 125g

Angas Park Sultanas in Dark Chocolate 125g





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